Badlands Session #9

  • Went to see Reyney
    • Offers adventure of clearing other side of pass. Giants have blocked the route with large boulders. No supplies or help can arrive with the rocks and giants blocking the way into the fort.
    • Will pay for monster information and evidence of giants
      • Offers one of [keg of unlimited beer, tent of perfect comfort, 6 rocks that will grow to the size of boulders when thrown]
  • The undead have ATTACKED!!
    • Town of Cadon was attacked. Mayor brought the survivors to Noscar Fort.
    • Fate of Old Morgansfort is not clear. Cadon sent for help but help did not arrive.
  • Locations of interest were given to the party. They investigated the location close to their hunting cabin.
    • A knight wearing black matte armor with a wicked scary sword has been reported with two large dogs that ride with him.
    • A summoning ritual was observed. A bright column of light ripped through the summoning circle. The altar is at the center of the circle. The red liquid was poured onto a corpse upon the altar, the knight observed a cultist perform the arcane procedure, opening a rift between the planes. With their own eyes, several undead climb through the portal before the light fades. Satisfied, the dread knight rides off.
    • Party decides they would like to check out the remaining places of interest given to them by the former mayor of Cadon.


  • 1000 xp was granted for a quest milestone
  • Human: 407 xp
  • Non-Human: 370 xp
  • Scroll of Magic Missile
  • Scroll of Wizard Lock
  • Spell book of [Detect Invisibility, Phantasmal Force]
  • 310 gold
  • 1 healing potion
  • 1 potion [unknown – g]
  • [Nitsuj] Baton(1d6) + 1
    Club of Discipline


Gwan/Morgane – Mimi
Nitsuj – Justin
Anastasia/Sebastian – Sarah