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Class Abilities

Turning the Undead

Clerics may add their charisma modifier to all Turn Undead rolls.

Bless Bounty

Usable once a week.

The cleric is able to perform a blessing ritual over a meal (takes 2 hours of prayer plus 2 vials of holy water). Anyone that partakes of the sanctified meal gains gains +1 on all to-hit rolls and +1 on all saving throws for 6 hours. 

Making Holy Water

To create holy water a cleric of at least fourth level must be present.

First the water must be collected pure: either at a spring, well or by collecting rain.

Then it must be brought to a temple of the cleric’s faith and laid into a specially prepared stoup.

A typical temple stoup for creating holy water is located in the temple’s Sancta sanctorum and can hold enough water to create 10 vials.

For the next three days one or more clerics must cast Protection from Evil and Bless on the water (which must never leave the stoup or it is considered wasted).

At least one fourth level cleric of the appropriate faith must be present although the spells may come from scrolls or magic items.

Any interruption in the casting of the required spells will waste the water.

The water will be considered wasted if contaminated while in the stoup, in addition the stoup will then have to be ritually cleansed, this requires one week and the casting of the Bless spell.

Holy water boosting abilities

A cleric may consume one or more vials of holy water to double the duration of some of his spells.

Only defensive/protective spells can be boosted in this way (namely: Bless, Protection from Evil, Protection from Evil 10′ Radius, Resist Cold, Resist Fire).

The cleric must consume a number of vials equal to the spell level of the spell to be boosted.

Otherwise a cleric may consume a vial of holy water, used to sprinkle the undead, while using its Turn Undead ability.

This grants the cleric a +2 bonus to the Turn Undead check, and to the number of affected HD.

Spell Bonus for wisdom

WisdomBonus SpellsBonus Orisons
9-11No Bonus+0
12No bonus+1
13-151 x 1st level spells+1
16-172 x 1st level spells+2
182 x 1st, 1x 2nd level spells+3



Level 1Duration: Instantaneous Range: 30′

The cleric casting this spell utters a condemnation of the target’s behavior or conduct; the spell then creates a point of divine energy, which the cleric directs at the target. The cleric must roll to hit, and if he or she misses then the spell has no effect. If the target is hit, then roll on the following table to determine the spell’s effect on the target:

Roll (1d6)Outcome
1Stunned for 1d4+1 rounds
2-3 Paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds
4-5Move slowed by half for 1d4+1 rounds
6Number of attacks reduced by half for 1d4+1 rounds

This spell affects only living creatures, and is ineffective against opponents having 7 or more hit dice or levels.


Level 1Duration: 1 round Range: 10′

The caster speaks a single-word command which will be obeyed by a single creature within the given range. The command must be given in a language the recipient understands. The recipient will do its best to obey, as long as the command is a clear, imperative verb. “Suicide” isn’t a verb. “Die” would cause the recipient to fake death for the duration of the spell (believing it was dead). Typical commands are back, halt, flee, run, stop, fall, fly, go, leave, surrender, sleep, rest, etc.

Undead are not affected. Creatures with Intelligence of 13 or more and creatures with 6 or more hit dice may save vs. Spells to resist.


Level 1Duration: 2 rds + 1 per caster lvlRange: self

This spell causes opponents to ignore the caster. Any opponent who might otherwise wish to attack or harm the caster must make a successful saving throw vs. Spells in order to do so; if this save fails, that opponent will behave as if the caster is not important and move on to whatever activity it would normally do if he or she were not present. This spell does not prevent area effect attacks (fireball, ice storm, etc.) from harming the caster. While under protection from the spell, the caster is unable to perform any offensive acts, but may take any other action desired.

Remove paralysis

Level 2Duration: instantRange: touch

This spell permits the caster to free the creature touched from paralysis induced either by magical means or by monster attack (i.e. venom).


A cleric may cast a number of 0 level spells per day equal to his or her level plus Wisdom bonus. Since these spells take such a short amount of time to cast (due to their abbreviated verbal and somatic components), a character may cast one and take another action in the round at the same time. 0 level spells do not have to be prepared in advance, unlike more powerful magics.

Guidance: The cleric grants +1 to any subject’s next attack roll. Reversed, this becomes Misguide, which gives the subject -1 to his next attack roll.

Ward: Grants +1 to the subject’s next saving throw. Reversed, this becomes Curse, which gives the opposite effect.

Cure Minor Wounds: Heals one hit point.

Mend: Mends breaks, dents, and holes in small objects.

Predict Weather: The cleric may predict the weather up to 24 hours in advance.

Virtue: A subject gains one temporary hit point.

Water to Wine: The cleric may turn one flask or mug of water to wine.