Fighters are the masters of weapons – here is how we show that.

Weapon Specialization

Under this rule, the player of a Fighter may choose a weapon in which the character is especially skilled. Specialization only applies to pure fighters.

At first level, the player applies one rank of specialization to the chosen weapon. This choice must be quite specific; for instance, a specialization in the longsword will give no bonuses when using a shortsword.

Every third level after the first (that is, 4th, 7th, 10th, etc.) the player applies another rank of specialization. Each new rank may be applied to an existing specialization, or to a new specialization. 

RankCombat Bonus (atk/damage)Attacks per round
1+1 / +01/1

Additionally, a fighter may specialize in shields, allowing for an additional +1 bonus to their AC. Each level of specialization allows an additional +1 AC bonus.