Here is a list of things we use for our gaming:

Basic Fantasy (url) – an open source D&D type framework. It is simple, brutal, and free. Everything we love =)

New to Basic Fantasy? These documents will help get you up and running quickly

  • Basic Guide (url) – a 6 page PDF that has everything you need until level 3. Highly recommend it.
  • Character Sheet (url) – A character sheet – used to track your stats, your items, and your progress! There are plenty of sheets on the Basic Fantasy website, but this one is my favorite.
  • Player Rulebook (url) – This is the book that both DM & players will use for more details. All player information is included in the basic guide (first bullet point) in a condensed form. (url) – A virtual tabletop web site that we use for handling remote sessions. The maps and characters are all loaded into the adventure. A free account is all you need. This will join you directly to our game.

Discord (url) – A very popular voice and video chat application.

Gotomeeting (url) – A very popular voice and video chat teleconferencing application. Sometimes we use this so people can dial in if the internet is not working well.

Initiative Tracker (url) – Someone shared this worksheet with me. Just message me and I’ll share it with you. Basically, each player & monster is entered into the sheet, and with one button press, the initiative rolls are handled. Saves a lot of time remotely (really anytime)